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Let me introduce myself, I’m Alessandra Toft, I trained as a clinical reflexologist at the University of Manchester, where I also gained my first BSc degree.

My work in various clinics and salons has given me many years of valuable experience with treating various illnesses and conditions.

I’ve supported my many clients to restore and maintain a healthy life balance when experiencing challenging situations in their lives.

In addition to providing a one to one service, I continue to collaborate with community groups, including partnering with local GP’s and a charity for cancer patients. I also conduct talks and workshops for diverse support groups to extend my reach and impact.

I have taught in secondary schools, working with teenage girls and empowering them to learn how to take responsibility for their own emotional health.

I continue to have a big interest in working with individuals who suffer with mental health issues, and I love seeing the way reflexology can make a big positive difference in their lives.


As you can gather I love what I do.
I am passionate about learning all about how to achieve good health and then sharing my knowledge with others, to help them achieve great results too.


During my free time, I enjoy going for walks and cycling.
I’m very fortunate that where I live is the perfect location for both activities. Cooking is another of my passions, and I can frequently be found in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes.

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